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Bogovi u Anuireu

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Bogovi u Anuireu Empty Bogovi u Anuireu

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Haelyn[/color] - By FAR the single most important god in Anuire. Widely worshiped by almost everyone; high and low alike.
Nesirie - The second most important god in Anuire. She is the wife of Haelyn, and often mentioned in that regard (but she has an important portfolio on her own). Its a good bet that anyone living close to the sea will be worshippers.
Cuiraécen - The son of Haelyn and Nesirie and the third most important god in Anuire. Apart from warriors praying for favor in battle, peasants and merchants pray to him for good weather and/or rain.

Together the three make up the Holy Triumvirate.

Other important gods in Anuire are:

Avanalae (Avani) - Actually a pretty big god in the Eastern Marches. Elsewhere she is important mostly to farmers, who pray to her to send sun in good measure (but not too much).
Aeric (Erik) - Important in the north. Elsewhere worshiped mostly by farmers who pray for bounty and protection from dangerous wildlife.
Sarimie (Sera) - A pretty big deity in the Heartlands, where she is worshipped as a daity of good fortune. Elsewhere in Anuire she is worshiped by the growing middle class; merchants and guilders in particular.

Not-so important gods:

Ruonil - With the excepton of Medoere Ruornil is only associated with magic-workers and the moon and things associated with it.
Eloéle - Except for Mieres, Eloéle is usually mentioned (if at all) in conjunction with her mother.
Laerme - Not a big deity anywhere. Mostly associate with the classical arts and love within the bonds of marriage.

Those make up The Nine Gods of Anuire

Belinik - The Lord of Strife is not openly worshiped in Anuire; but it is no secret that warriors call out to him when the fear of battle come over them, or that scheming nobles ask his favor when embarking on a new plot.
Kriesha - Only know in the North; not worshiped per se, but rather placated in order to get mild winters and safety from wild beasts and monsters.

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